:) fun. fun. fun!

I miss them so hard.. :( 

Lauren Hudson and Hayley Kiyoko

OMG! They hanged-out? OHGOSH I MISS THEM!! :’)

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My favorite Stunners.♥

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gragra0103 asked:

i'm so sad that i didn't hear of the stunners until now TT^TT they would've had one more fan :D


So true,they were a really talented group of stunning ladies. 

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t be a fan anymore. Stunners or not, WE can and will always support and love Hayley, Allie, Tinashe, Lauren and Marisol.  We’ll always be there for them, as fans, as supporters, as friends… We’ll be there on every step of their way! 

Now, I hereby call you my fellow Stunnerd!!! Welcome to The Stunners familia♥

Now, we party!

PS. Can I just gush about the fact that Allie Gonino just followed me on Twitter today!! OMG..MAJOR FANGIRL MOMENT :> 

The Stunners - Kiss FM Interview Out-Takes 

My personal favorite ‘The Stunners’ radio interview.

Hayley Kiyoko being A+++++ adorable.

note: Remember how Naomi Scott says Hayley is really funny when she doesn’t mean to or when she’s not trying to be funny at all.. :) 

Hanging On The Tour Bus With The Stunners!

A quick tour on The Stunners tour bus during the Justin Bieber My World Tour.

This video involves Honey Nut Cheerios, boring Cheerios, 5 kinds of ‘melk' & Cholestreeol 

 Hayley: This is not the Cribs, this is “Let’s pick on Hayley Day”.


A cute video of Hayley and Lauren of The Stunners as they talk about how words were invented. 

Hayley being her usual nerdy, deep,funny and adorable self. :)

Spin the Bottle

The Stunners second self-made music video that they released on Youtube on New Years Eve.  Enjoy! :)

(Video Starring: The Stunners feat. Bobby Brackins & Nic Nac
Song written by: The Stunners, Bobby Brackins, Nic Nac
Video produced, edited, and written by The Stunners, with Travis John
Directed by: Travis John

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this video a success! We couldn’t have done it without you. We have wonderful friends ^_^ Much love!! - theStunner)